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How To Make Protein Shakes At Home


Protein is generally formed with different kinds of amino acids. Protein is most essential for bone health, healthy muscles and cells and to energize your body. Protein is the only source to feed your body with essential amino acids. If you think your daily foods are not enough for getting sufficient amount of protein, then you can supplement your daily nutrition needs with protein shakes.

How To Make Protein Shakes At Home

They are getting very much popular these days. Rochester Center for Obesity in Michigan conducted a research and found these results – Participants who consumed protein of high amount got more fulfilled and satisfied than those who ate only fewer calories throughout the day. With protein-rich breakfast, you can kick-start your day in full form and stay energized all day long. One problem is that you can get sufficient amount of protein only in dairy products and meat and other high fat diets. This way, protein shake blended with pasteurized egg whites can be the best alternative to heavy food diets. Without yolk which contains cholesterol and fat, egg whites are packed with protein. You can make a protein-rich shake at home and customize them according to your taste with these steps.

Things to Arrange

 A blender  Pasteurized egg whites – 1/3 cup  Pineapple chunks or other fruit, but without added sugar – ½ cup  Coconut extract  Stevia powder – 1 packet

How to Prepare?

1. Mix pineapple chunks, pasteurized egg whites and pineapple juice (1/4th of the can) in the blender and blend the mixture for a minute.

2. Stir in sugar-free stevia powder in the blended mixture. Stevia is vanilla-flavored herbal and sugar-free sweetener that controls insulin levels in the body. Blend that mixture for half-a-minute again. 3. Transfer one vanilla syrup dash and coconut extract of one or two drops. Blend again for at least half a minute. 4. If you want to make protein shake of any other flavor, then you can choose any other fruit of your choice and mix it with coconut extract. For instance, if you want to make strawberry shake with egg white, you can use coconut extract with frozen or fresh strawberries (1/2 cup). If you don’t have strawberries, you can add strawberry extract of a dash in the mixture and make the shake thinner by adding 1/3 cup of water. 5. If you want to make chocolate shake, then you can use chocolate syrup (1 tbsp) rather than fruits. Vanilla syrup is not so important to make it.

Tips & Suggestions

• Take egg whites in double amount i.e. 2/3 cup, if you want your shake larger. Make changes in quantity of other ingredients accordingly. • Pasteurized egg whites are rich in amino acids, protein and other vital minerals. It is recommended for it because raw egg whites are harmful and can enhance the risk of salmonella poisoning. • Only use stevia powder to sweeten your protein shake, not artificial sweeteners. • To make it rich with fiber and potassium and a bit sweeter, you can add banana. • If you want to make it thicker, you can use genuine vanilla yogurt.

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Kenny Damian is a part-time writer who writes mostly about health products especially protein related products. A former body builder who's love for weight lifting came to an abrupt end due to injuries to both his knees.


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